Instagram’s Bolt is Here . . . Kind Of


With Bolt, Facebook-owned Instagram has created a competitor to Snapchat. Will Bolt make Evan Spiegel rue the day he turned down Facebook’s three billion dollar offer to buy?

Instagram’s Bolt hasn’t hit this hemisphere yet, but that hasn’t stopped us from checking it out. Here are the details you need to be ready for the US launch:

1. Much like Snapchat, Bolt allows you to send self-destructing photos and videos to individual contacts. After viewing your Bolt, friends can respond back with a picture, video or message.

2. Bolt prides itself on its quick, one-tap messaging ability. Just tap on a friend’s face at the bottom of the screen to send a picture or long-press to send a video.

3. Having second thoughts? Shake your phone to cancel your message should you become stricken with Bolt-ers Remorse.

4. Bolt is set up is for individual interactions only. So if you want to share similar pictures or videos with multiple friends you’ll have to re-shoot for each friend. We kind of enjoy menage-a-chats, but we’re willing to give this one-on-one thing a shot.

How about you?

Image via Bolt